Best Cities in Croatia ( pics and movie )

Croatia is a small but geographically diverse country in the world located between Eastern and Western Europe. With around 1200 islands, it is beautifully washed by the Adriatic Sea. Rich with history and culture, the country has so many historical sites protected by UNESCO world heritage that it is a must to at least visit and admire a few. Croatia is very green due to its many national parks, which are truly beautiful and calm. There are so many picturesque towns and cities in the country, it is challenging to separate a few. Below are listed some of the best cities in Croatia worth visiting for the first time to properly feel the Croatian culture and ambiance. So find below the best cities in Croatia.

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It is advised to start your trip to one of the best cities in Croatia from the beautiful capital Zagreb. The city is a lovely combination of modern and authentic. It is perfect for people traveling with friends, families and couples. It is lavished with a unique mix of Austro-Hungarian architecture, fascinating museums and galleries, and vibrant city life. The touristic hotspot of Zagreb is Ban Jelačić Square, the meeting point for the locals with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and stores. When in Zagreb, it is worth visiting Dolac, the colorful open-air fruit and vegetable market surrounded by iconic buildings and palaces preserved from the 19th century. One of the prominent sites in Zagreb is the medieval Stone Gate, which you shouldn’t miss. This gorgeous city is also a perfect destination for window shopping since there are many top designer stores and shops. The best time to visit Zagreb is in spring and summer when there are so many open-air cafes and restaurants where you can have some local beer and taste the Croatian gastronomical delights. Zagreb is one of the best places to visit in Croatia.

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Zagreb Croatia
City of ZagrebZagreb image by: Arvid Olson from Pixabay


Dubrovnik is a beautiful and mysterious Croatian city, and one of the best places to visit in Croatia very often seen in travel magazines and postcards. It has become a trendy travel destination, particularly in the last decade, due to the famous show “Game of Thrones.” The city walls, gates, and towers were used as backdrops in the movie and drove thousands of fans to this incredible city. The baroque style Dubrovnik has so many attractions for travelers. The city is famous for its hydraulic funicular, which is ranked among the most beautiful funiculars in Europe. One of the most iconic sites in Dubrovnik is the Bom Jesus de Braga Sanctuary, which has been an inspiration for many other prominent locations in Europe and in the world. Since it is located on a hilltop, you can as well take some time to admire the stunning view of the city and the entire region of Braga. The terracotta roofs, cobblestone lanes, and church towers will leave you speechless. The best way to explore Dubrovnik is to walk around the narrow lanes and streets of the city and discover many hidden treasures and romantic spots. Undeniably it is one of the best cities in Croatia

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City Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik image by: Ivan Ivankovic from Pixabay


One of the best cities in Croatia is Split. Split is Croatia’s second city and one of the top destinations in Croatia. The city is particularly beautiful due to its majestic located on the edge of the Dalmatian coast. UNESCO World Heritage Site Diocletian’s Palace, preserved from the 4th century, is the highlight of the city. The Palace can be accessed through the four gates and is a small city in itself. The inner area is magnificent with its narrow cobblestone streets and ancient buildings. In the heart of the city is located the stunning St. Domnius Cathedral with a massive bell tower which can be climbed for the best panoramic view over the city of Split. The southern gate of the Palace is right by the seaside promenade, which is another spectacular touristic location in Split and one of the best places to visit in Croatia. It is lined with lots of cafes and restaurants and is always busy day and night. When in Split, it is also possible to combine visiting some nearby islands. Ferries are going back and forth Brač, Hvar, and Vis several times a day. Fans of “Game of Thrones” can rush to clifftop Klis fortress located not far from Split, which was featured as the “City of Meereen” in the series.

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Split Croatia
Split image by: Michelle Maria from Pixabay


Another magnificent and one of the best places to visit in Croatia is Zadar, rich with historical and cultural heritage. It is one of the most touristic cities in Croatia full of archaeological sites and monuments preserved from ancient and Renaissance times. Zadar is beautifully located in the heart of the Adriatic and is very often considered the urban center of northern Dalmatia. Many travelers rush to Zadar to witness the first Sea Organ in the world. There are many secret bays to discover and go on kayaking tours to explore the diverse wildlife of Zadar. It is, as well, highly recommended to visit the Plitvice National Park, which will take a whole day to go through the entire park and discover everything in there. The city center of Zadar is bustling with many shops, cafes, and restaurants where you can go for some souvenir shopping and enjoy some Croatian delights along with a glass of local draft beer. So don’t miss one of the best cities in Croatia, Zadar.

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Zadar Croatia
Zadar image by: Instagram FOTOGRAFIN from Pixabay

Croatia is truly one of the most amazing countries in the world, with a unique location between the East and West. There is a reason why this country is one of the most award-winning touristic destinations in Europe. Famous for its stunning coasts and beaches, turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea and unspoiled nature, it attracts millions of travelers from across the world. There are so many incredible cities and towns in this country that it may be quite challenging to form an itinerary and decide where to start. Some of the greatest Croatian cities are listed above, which are definitely worth visiting and exploring.

Croatia Map
Croatia Map