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The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands”

Sir Richard Burton.

RNT Maclaren luxury travel may as well be embodied with the tagline” Rediscovering New Terrain” because you’ve probably never enjoyed them in the premium even though you may have already visited various global destinations. The bespoke RNT Maclaren way.

Greece is the perfect choice for a superyacht vacation. Home to over 200 inhabited islands and more than 8,000 miles of beautiful coastline, Greece has it all for any type of trip. There are so many destinations worth discovering.

The only way to experience the highly diversified Greek landscape is by boat. Hop on a charter yacht and go island hopping between historic ports and secluded bays to discover all the beautiful paradise islands such as Mykonos and Santorini. Plan your own itinerary so you can escape the crowds and access some of the most beautiful beaches, white-washed fishing villages, ports, Crusader castles, sun-bleached ruins, and ancient cities like Athens. Crete and Corfu are great for sun-seekers and steady coastal cruising.

Greek culture is alive with an array of thrill-seeking activities. Meander through olive groves, hike into volcanoes, watch for dolphins and sea turtles or enjoy the hedonistic nightlife and some of the best parties in the Mediterranean. The excellent tavernas serve mouthwatering inspired cuisine on the islands. Explore the beautiful islands of Greece, you’ll be well rewarded with stunning views, charming towns, and the chance to walk where the gods of old roamed.

RNT Maclaren Luxury Travel offers customized travel services to each client for an unparalleled luxury experience. Whatever your choice, expect professionalism, discretion, and quality service that is tailored to your preferences.

Greece is our passion; thus, we have created this Greece Travel Blog to share with you this passion. Enjoy !!



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